The MD/MS in Health Care Ethics Dual Degree Program

Advances in technology and medicine bring with them thorny questions about bioethics. Doctors will be on the front lines of these struggles, which may include disparate levels of care among vulnerable populations and end-of-life care.

To equip future doctors with knowledge of this increasingly important and visible element of medical care, Creighton University medical students now have the opportunity to enroll in the MD/MS in Health Care Ethics dual degree program, offered online in conjunction with their MD coursework. Medical students in the program can graduate within five years with both an MD and an MS degree in Health Care Ethics.

The MD/MS dual degree program offers you the opportunity to earn a medical degree, explore the area of Health Care ethics in more depth, and gives you time to explore your passions. Work, volunteer, or shadow for a year as you gain a valuable Master's degree in Health Care Ethics.

Make the most of your medical education

The Master of Science in Health Care Ethics (MSHCE) program will prepare graduates with skills in ethical analysis, cross-disciplinary education and communication, policy, and law. These skills will augment and complement your medical studies, leading to a more comprehensive preparation for residency and future practice.

Develop the enhanced knowledge and skills to:

  • Critically evaluate standard practices to determine whether they are ethically sufficient
  • Analyze emerging moral issues in biomedicine and develop ethically sound professional responses
  • Bring greater ethical insight and reasoning to leadership roles
  • Effectively develop and critically evaluate practice and institutional policies
  • Expand their career options, such as through membership on Health Care ethics committees; and
  • Assess whether medical facilities are serving community needs and communicate how they should be changed, if necessary.

Dual-degree medical students will benefit from interacting with our multidisciplinary faculty as well as current MSHCE students who are nurses, physicians, researchers, chaplains, and other professionals, adding to your understanding of the Health Care field.

MD/MS in Health Care Ethics Curriculum

  • IDC 135 Legal and Ethical Issues in Medicine
  • MHE 600 Scholarly Reading and Writing
  • MHE 603 Law and Health Care Ethics
  • MHE 605 Philosophical Bioethics
  • MHE 601 Health Policy
  • MHE 604 Social and Cultural Contexts of Healthcare
  • MHE 607 Practical Ethics in Health Care Settings
  • MHE 602 Research Ethics
  • MHE 606 Theories of Justice
  • MHE 608 Practicum
  • MHE 609 Capstone

Admission to the dual MD/MS in Health Care Ethics requires acceptance into the medical degree program at Creighton University and completion of an entrance questionnaire and essay.

With the ability to confidently navigate difficult moral waters, students in Creighton University's MD/MS in Health Care Ethics dual degree program will stand out among their peers.

Find out more about the MD/MS in Health Care Ethics: call us toll-free today at 866.717.6365 or request more information.