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Online Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Leadership

Immerse Yourself in What It Means to Be a Leader

Discover what it really takes to lead effectively in Creighton University’s online Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Leadership. Taught by instructors who are nationally recognized leadership practitioners, this terminal degree combines real-world application with a format that is interdisciplinary, self-reflective and values-based. As a result, graduates of Creighton’s Doctorate in Leadership earn a return on their investment as they emerge with the knowledge and skills to become leadership experts and drive change in their organizations.

Interdisciplinary Nature

Taught by renowned Creighton faculty members from the arts and sciences, business, education, health and law, the online Doctorate in Leadership offers a broad and interdisciplinary view of leadership that you can apply to a range of industries, especially business, education, nonprofit, military and health care.

In addition to the interdisciplinary curriculum and faculty, Creighton’s program brings together students from different backgrounds. Learning alongside high-achieving, experienced professionals, students have the same classmates in each course for more than the first year of the program. This cohort model promotes relationship building, trust, interaction, the sharing of different perspectives and networking. The result is a richer learning experience for everyone.

Use Leadership to Foster Change

The online Doctorate in Leadership prepares you to become a trusted authority with the vision, commitment and expertise to become an agent of transformational change. The interdisciplinary and intellectually challenging curriculum incorporates a focus on ethics and builds on the University’s Jesuit, Catholic values of social justice, serving others, and self-reflection.

On-campus Experience

Coursework in this program is mainly online but includes two required residency experiences on the Creighton campus in Omaha, Nebraska. During the first residency at the start of the program, you will meet your classmates, your instructors and your assigned advisor. Delving deeper into your leadership potential, you will work with your advisor to develop an Individualized Professional Development Plan. During the second residency, you will follow up on these leadership activities and defend your dissertation.

Use Your Workplace for Research

The dissertation offers the chance to use your workplace as a laboratory for research and practice in leadership and problem-solving. Following an applied-research model, you will implement small-scale changes at your workplace, assess the consequences and make evidence-based arguments regarding the results. Click here to view 60-second dissertations from graduates.

Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation from the Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Leadership, you will demonstrate:

  • Leadership skills rooted in faith, justice and ethics with a global perspective.
  • A continued interest and utilization of reflective practices as a means for professional and personal growth, for themselves and those they serve and lead.
  • Understanding, integration and utilization of organizational theory in practice.
  • Understanding, integration and utilization of leadership theories and practices in practice.
  • Integration and utilization of change theory in practice.
  • Effective interpersonal and organizational communication.
  • Knowledge and application of funding and budgeting processes in organizations.
  • Knowledge and application of legal principles applicable to organizations.
  • Utilization of technology as a transformative agent in organizations.
  • Creativity in designing, developing, applying, and assessing research ideas to improve practice.

Earn a Return on Your Investment

Unlike a solely research-focused Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program, Creighton’s program is a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership, which means it is geared towards working professionals and is immediately applicable to your workplace and career. You will be able to start using what you learn to see increased productivity, motivation, and engagement in your team, department or organization.

With real-world application of the program, you will receive a return on your investment, and you will be prepared for an executive position in nearly any industry. Some examples of our current students’ fields and titles include:

  • Business and Organizational Leadership: Chief Financial Officer, Consultant, Director of Human Resources, Director of Project Management, Insurance Executive, President, Sales Executive
  • Criminal Justice and Military Leadership: Chief of Staff, Detective, Fire Chief, Flight Commander, Intelligence Analyst, Major General
  • Educational Leadership: Coach, Dean, Director of Student Services, Instructor, Principal, Teacher, Superintendent, University President
  • Health Care Leadership: Emergency Management Executive, Director of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse Educator
  • Human Services and Nonprofit Leadership: Director of Social Services, Executive Director of Program Development, Social Worker, Therapist
  • Spiritual Leadership: Chaplain, Director of Youth Ministry, Jesuit Priest, Pastor, Religious Director

Evolve Your Leadership

Cultivate your leadership skills in a program that integrates practice and insights from experienced faculty and high-achieving peers. To learn more about the online Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Leadership, call us at 866.717.6365 to speak to a Program Manager or request more information today.