Technology and Leadership - ILD 831

Credits: 3 credits

Course Description

This course introduces students to an overview of the impact of technology in general and the internet in particular on organizations. Through this examination, students will explore how leadership does or should adapt to a changing world. In the past decade, the internet has become a part of life and work. The internet has moved from a virtual space where people went to find information to an active place that is open, social and participatory. This shift has profound implications on leadership. How does a leader manage information when the sum of all human knowledge is available to anyone in her or his organization from their smartphone? How is communication evolving? What are ethical issues associated with networked employees, students, or patients? What is on the horizon? This course gives students the opportunity to explore leadership mediated by a digital world.

Course Objectives

On completing the course, the students will be able to:

  • Articulate how the internet has evolved in the past decade
  • Explore a variety of web tools that have wide applicability to settings in multiple disciplines
  • Establish a personal blog and experience networked communication through weekly posts and comments
  • Identify critical issues pertinent to leadership in a digital world and discuss their implications for individuals and society
  • Develop key issues associated with ethics in a digital workplace
  • Gain an appreciation for collaborative learning through the process of sharing information, references, and materials with others members of the course.  
  • Acquire new knowledge that might be applied and subsequently disseminated via professional presentations and/or scholarly publications.