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As the field of finance evolves, jobs in financial analysis, security analysis, portfolio management, investment management, and investment banking continue to become more competitive. Earning an online master’s in finance degree gives you the knowledge and training needed to advance in this

As the world of finance continues to grow, so do career opportunities. Today, there are many different paths and options for a career in finance, and that also means there are many different types of masters degrees in the area of finance to choose from.

Your desired career should serve

Financial analysts play an important role in today’s economic world. As a financial analyst, you will research economic trends and conditions to make recommendations based on industry trends, current activities, and what is best for your company.1

Landing a job in financial analysis

Investment portfolios are becoming more complex, new investment opportunities are emerging, and financial regulatory reform is becoming a major point of emphasis for government agencies and compliance boards in the United States and abroad. These changes are posing new challenges and

Who could say no to a good job that comes with great pay, a reliable future, and a chance to move up the corporate ladder? That’s part of the reason why financial services has become one of the fastest growing and most desirable sectors for job seekers in the United States, particularly on the

There are some names that have become synonymous with finance. These are the names of people who are titans of the industry, considered among the smartest and the most revolutionary investors to ever live. Their impact is so significant that every generation of money managers and investment

As is the case with every industry, climbing the ladder in the finance sector takes time, patience and a broadening of your skillset—but it doesn’t hurt to have a great resume. In most cases, your resume will be the first thing a hiring manager considers when going through your application, so

Financial analysts are among the fastest-growing careers in today's economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 277,600 financial analysts employed in the United States in 2014—and that number is expected to grow by 12 percent over the next decade. In addition to above

Portfolio management is one of the most sought-after careers in the finance industry. With high demand for this profession expected to continue in the coming years, there are various career paths, qualifications and credentials aspiring portfolio managers should consider. Earning

Portfolio managers enjoy one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers in finance, and many have had significant training to obtain those positions. For people who aspire to a portfolio management career, Creighton University’s online Master in Investment Management and Financial Analysis (