A More Ethical Financial Industry Starts with You

The financial crash of 2008 revealed unethical and dangerous banking practices that helped lead to one of the largest economic crises in American history. As a result, the industry is facing major challenges, including a lack of trust, a need for clearly defined and communicated ethical standards and a high level of professional knowledge.

The CFA® Institute, the largest association of investment professionals in the world, is working diligently to address those challenges with initiatives that promote the restoration of trust and integrity. Specific focuses include the rights of investors, a code of conduct, transparency in investment reporting, regulation and enforcement, and the development of advanced professional knowledge.

These initiatives can potentially have measurable positive effects. One study found that companies whose employees — not necessarily customers — perceived ethics as an organizational value showed greater profits and other markers of enhanced performance.1

As one of only 137 worldwide partners with the CFA® Institute, Creighton University helps promote those initiatives through its online Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis. The program helps develop investment professionals with the skills to rise to the top of the field — as well as the ethics and integrity to transform the financial industry into one that truly serves the best interests of our global society.

A focus on the importance of integrity and professional standards is embedded in MIMFA coursework, mirroring Creighton’s goal of producing graduates who serve a greater purpose. The curriculum is academically rigorous with a practitioner approach to topics including international trade and alternative investments, accounting procedures and their implications, and methods of securities risk and return analysis.

The MIMFA curriculum also aligns with all three levels of the prestigious CFA® exam and is taught exclusively by faculty members who have earned CFA® designation. This intense training helps prepare students for the challenging exam as well as for the high level of competence required at top financial jobs. Students graduate with two benefits—a valuable master’s degree and CFA®-aligned financial expertise.

MIMFA graduates are well positioned not just to ascend to the highest levels of their field, but also to take action that benefits all members of society. Their purpose is not just to change the image of the financial industry but to overhaul its contributions to our world.

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1“The Value of Corporate Culture,” Global Banking & Finance Review, Jan. 23, 2014, available at http://www.globalbankingandfinance.com/the-value-of-corporate-culture