Community Health Assessment - MPH 602

Credits: 3 credits

Course Description

This course examines the concepts, methods, and practices for assessing the health of a community. Topics include measuring community health status, developing community health profiles, identifying the determinants of health, and the utilization of community health assessment in developing public health interventions.


This course provides a foundation for a comprehensive understanding of the community and its health needs. The ability to assess community health needs contributes to the knowledge base that students will build in the sequence of core courses that follow the Community Health Assessment course and contribute to the student’s competency in carrying out broad public health functions at the community level.

Course Objectives

During and upon completion of the learning experiences, students will have the ability to:

  1. Identify the steps necessary to perform a community health assessment.
  2. Develop a systems framework for understanding and addressing community health needs.
  3. Describe the medical, social, and behavioral determinants of health in a defined community.
  4. Identify measurement tools to describe community health status and needs.
  5. Apply key community health assessment strategies in public health.
  6. Evaluate different models for conducting community health assessments.
  7. Discuss means to engage communities in identifying and improving community health status.

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