Law and Health Care Ethics - MPH 631

Credits: 3 credits

Course Description

This course explores the crucial connection between health law and health care ethics. The course focuses on major ethical themes that have emerged in the law and highlights specific interconnections of doctrines that have come out of landmark cases. The course will also examine the significant and fundamental differences between health care ethics and health law.


Many health ethical dilemmas have been addressed in court cases. An individual, to have the best knowledge of addressing ethical dilemmas in the health field, needs to know the legal aspects of these dilemmas and the authoritative legal power in influencing future ethical questions.

Course Objectives

During and upon completion of the learning experiences, students will have the ability to:

  1. Distinguish between types of law.
  2. Contrast the differences between law and ethics.
  3. Examine connections between law and ethics.
  4. Articulate the arguments of landmark legal cases that have shaped ethics.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the major themes relevant to ethics emerging in the law.
  6. Evaluate the appropriateness of alternative dispute resolution strategies.
  7. Apply knowledge of the process of law formation.
  8. Contribute to the development or modification of a law related to social justice.

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