Health Care Conflict Management and Workplace Mediation Training

Online Master's in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Concentration in Health Care Collaboration and Dispute Resolution

Whether making critical medical decisions at a patient's bedside, interacting with other health care professionals, dealing with distraught family members, or debating budget and insurance issues at a medical facility, emotions in health care can run high, fueling conflict. The Health Care Collaboration and Dispute Resolution concentration is designed for an industry where working together effectively and defusing disputes is often literally a life or death issue.

National organizations such as the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations have developed standards for conflict management, and health care facilities in all types of settings will be required to meet them. The Health Care Collaboration and Dispute Resolution concentration offers hands-on training in tools and strategies to identify new approaches that integrate patients' needs, care providers' autonomy, legal concerns, and financial considerations to manage conflicts in an ethical manner.

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