Biostatistics - MPH 607

Credits: 3 credits

Course Description

This course focuses on descriptive and inferential statistical concepts, methods, and the applications of statistical methods in the analysis and assessment of population health.


MPH607 Biostatistics is a core course of the MPH program. Biostatistics is important to public health research and practice because it helps health professionals make evidence-based decisions. This course will provide students with the essentials of biostatistics in public health that will allow students to design rigorous and cost-effective public health studies, to conduct basic statistical analyses, and to interpret and critique statistical methods and results in the public health literature.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to achieve the following competencies after completing the course:

  1. Describe the fundamental theoretical concepts of Biostatistics.
  2. Identify research and statistical hypotheses in public health.
  3. Generate appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize public health data.
  4. Use statistical models to assess associations between explanatory factors and disease/outcomes.
  5. Interpret statistical results in the public health literature.
  6. Be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with a Biostatistician or statistical consultant.
  7. Articulate potential ethical issues in study designs, data analysis, and result interpretation.

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