Pre-Practicum Preparation

Credits: 1 credit

Prerequisites: MPH 601, MPH 602, MPH 603, MPH 604, MPH 605, MPH 606, MPH 607, MPH 608, MPH 609

Course Description

Students will complete the necessary pre-practicum requirements for their practicum placement in MPH 611. To achieve a successful practicum placement, MPH 610 requires the student to work in collaboration with their practicum course director and practicum faculty advisor. Keeping in mind the identified area of concentration and career goals, the student will find a professional or organizational setting in which to further develop one’s skills and abilities in public health and implement one’s identified goals/learning objectives.


This is a required course for students enrolled in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. The pre-practicum preparation course details step-by-step how to achieve a successful practicum experience and serves as a guide for the student to develop a solid relationship with one’s practicum site sponsor and practicum course director. Upon completion of the pre-practicum preparation, the student will be ready to apply the MPH program outcomes using self-identified learning goals/objectives in a real life experience.

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