Capstone - MPH 612

Credits: 3 credits

Prerequisites: MPH 601, MPH 602, MPH 603, MPH 604, MPH 605, MPH 606, MPH 607, MPH 608, MPH 609, MPH 610, MPH 611, and 9 credit hours of MPH electives.

Course Description

In this final required course of the degree program, students are expected to integrate insights gained and competences acquired throughout the program. Applying methods of scholarly inquiry and composition, students will synthesize insights and findings from their practice experience in a scholarly product and will present the findings to fellow students and faculty.


The Capstone course builds upon and synthesizes the knowledge acquired by learners through their core and concentration courses. The Capstone course emphasizes a reflection on the cumulative knowledge gained through the program, examines how this knowledge meets the core competencies of the MPH program, and how their applied practicum experience serves public health. Using the practicum as an opportunity to apply the knowledge students have learned, the Capstone project allows the students to complete their project based on their practicum experience. Importantly, through the completion of the final project paper, students will be able to link public health theory, skill sets and research gained from their coursework, to the real-world applications developed in their practicum experience.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Complete a final paper based on their practicum experience.
  2. Synthesize their knowledge and skills acquired throughout the MPH program into a holistic understanding of public health competencies and their application to public health practice.
  3. Reflect and evaluate how their courses and practicum experience contribute to the MPH goals through the completion of their ePortfolios.
  4. Reflect and present how their values, goals, and experiences, will contribute to the advancement of public health in their communities.

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