Health Planning and Marketing - MPH 634

Credits: 3 credits

Course Description

This course is concept driven, with applied examination of models, approaches, processes and applications of strategic planning and marketing tools used by public health professionals to develop and implement strategic and marketing strategies to establish and accomplish short and long term organizational and program goals. The course can be viewed to be in two parts: Part One: Strategic Planning. Part Two: Marketing Planning.


There are many opportunities to make public health organizations more successful and being skilled in strategic planning is one of them. Successful public health organizations and public health campaigns also require strong, well thought out and executed marketing initiatives. The public has access to more health information than ever before, yet the message from public health seems lost in the marketing mix. We need to market public health using the same tools as others, but our message is more important than ever. Most professionals will be faced with strategic planning opportunities and marketing/promotion opportunities throughout their career and having a solid understanding of and the ability to implement these plans will benefit you and the organizations you are part of.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Identify the importance and application of strategic planning within the public health arena.
  2. Adapt and apply strategic planning concepts and approaches to the public health sector.
  3. Identify internal and external organizational factors/situations/issues/environments that will affect ongoing planning.
  4. Identify the importance and application of marketing planning /implementation within the public health arena.
  5. Adapt and apply marketing/communication concepts and approaches to the public health sector.
  6. Determine and coordinate public health strategic planning initiatives.
  7. Apply strategic planning/marketing methods and strategies in a public health context.
  8. Apply analytical and critical evaluation tools.
  9. Incorporate concepts into course discussions and course projects.
  10. Provide needed leadership, direction and sound decision making when developing and implementing marketing and strategic plans.
  11. Demonstrate graduate level writing of assignments.

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