6 High Paying Jobs for Public Health Graduates

Students interested in public health careers have many options available to them. Rewarding careers for public health graduates can be found within government agencies and private institutions, locally and globally. Before investing time into earning an advanced degree, many potential students pursuing their master’s in public health may have the following questions:

  • What is the salary for public health careers?
  • What are the salary expectations if I earn a public health degree?
  • How to advance with a public health degree?

The following are six of the highest paying top jobs for public health graduates now available for students pursuing their master’s in public health. Information pertaining to salaries, career paths, and most promising locations for the specific occupations are also included, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Title: Environmental Scientist and Specialist
Median Salary: $66,250

Job Description: With a focus on public health, environmental scientists and specialists help to protect human health and the environment. They serve as experts, advising policy makers and working with industry leaders to reduce an organization’s negative impact on the environment.

Career Path: Many professionals enter the field with a bachelor’s degree in natural science, but many global organizations employ specialists with a master’s degree.

Best places to find jobs in the U.S.: Three of the best states for environmental scientists to find opportunities are California, New York, and Texas. Nearly all three states have more than 2,000 jobs, each, readily available for qualified individuals.

Title: Epidemiologist
Median Salary: $67,420

Job Description: Epidemiologists are experts in disease. They research various aspects of diseases, including the frequency it occurs within a population and how to prevent it spreading. Epidemiologists work in:

  • Laboratories
  • Health departments
  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Colleges and universities

Career Path: Students who want to become epidemiologists should pursue their master’s in public health. Although it isn’t always necessary, some epidemiologists have earned a doctorate degree.

Best places to find jobs in the U.S.: States employing the most epidemiologists are California, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Title: Postsecondary Health Educator
Median Salary: $70,790

Job Description: Postsecondary health educators work in academia, teaching students. Many postsecondary health educators are also responsible for researching and contributing to their field of study. They work in colleges and universities across the United States and around the world.

Career Path: Individuals teaching within colleges and universities have a minimum of a master’s in public health. Individuals who have a doctorate typically earn more money and are required to specialize in a specific area for research purposes.

Best places to find jobs in the US: Postsecondary educators teaching in New York, California, and Chicago make significantly more than the median salary of $69,000. Although many of these opportunities may require a doctorate, individuals with a master’s degree will find competitive salaries, as well.

Title: Emergency Management Director
Median Salary: $64,360

Job Description: Emergency management directors plan and execute emergency responses during a crisis. They handle various emergency responses, including:

  • Weather-related disasters
  • Wartime emergencies
  • Technological emergencies

Career Path: Many people in this field have at least a bachelor’s degree as well as years of industry experience.

Best places to find jobs in the US: The states that pay emergency management directors the most are Texas, California, and New York.

Title: Biostatistician
Median Salary: $79,990

Job Description: Like many statisticians, biostatisticians analyze and work with mathematics and statistics. However, their area of focus is specifically in biology. They collect, analyze, and summarize data many medical and governmental organizations use to understand diseases and public health.

Career Path: Individuals with a degree in biostatistics have many options regarding work. They can choose to work for the government, pharmaceutical companies, or teach. Individuals who choose to work in research must have at least a master’s in public health or biostatistics.

Best places to find jobs in the US: Maryland and California are the two highest paying states for biostatisticians. In both states, the hourly wage approaches $50 per hour.

Title: Health Service Administrator
Median Salary: $92,810

Job Description: Health Service Administrators (HSAs) are leaders within medical facilities. They typically work for hospitals and long-term care facilities. Their expertise is used to steer the organization. Throughout the day, HSAs may work:

  • Creating budgets
  • Managing relationships with external stakeholders
  • Managing staff
  • Monitoring facility services

Career Path: Most HSAs have a master’s in public health or a master’s in business administration with a focus on healthcare administration. Administrators in long-term care facilities also have licenses administered by their state. Although the requirements vary from state to state, most people working as a long-term care administer are required to pass a state-administered test before receiving their license.

Best places to find jobs in the US: The best states to work as an administrator are California, Florida, and Massachusetts. These states offer high paying salaries and a wide variety of opportunities.

With an MPH degree from Creighton University online, many well-paying job opportunities await. There are many public health careers to pursue in public health, but the six above offer a picture of what’s in demand and which positions are valued.

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