The Benefits of Earning a Master of Public Health Online

Public health professionals serve a vital role in promoting the health and safety of communities through the development and implementation of health care policies and through educational initiatives.1 If you want to make a difference in improving health without a nursing or medical degree, this could be a good career for you. It isn’t always economically feasible, however, to take time off from working to pursue a degree in public health. Creighton University recognizes this. Students who enroll in its Master of Public Health online can fulfill 100 percent of the degree requirements online; it’s one of the few master of public health online programs that does not require an on-site residency. This allows students to earn their degree with minimal disruption to their working and family lives.

Balance Work and Study and Add to Your Skills While You Work

Acquiring a graduate degree, such as a master of public health online, substantially increases your earning potential and gives you the tools and expertise that make you far more attractive to employers. For many people, however, quitting a current job to earn a degree that will help their career in the long run is not an option, setting up a seemingly impossible situation. Online courses solve that problem. In addition to the obvious time saving online learning provides, there are less-obvious ways you save time: for example, the hours you’ll save not having to commute to and from campus. Another big plus to being able to work while you study:  You can immediately apply the tools and techniques you acquire in a master of public health online to your current position.

Flexibility and Easier Participation

At Creighton University, all the master of public health online classes are recorded and archived so students can access the information on their own time. This allows for flexibility—you can access the material anytime, day or night, working study time into a busy schedule. It also allows students to go back to particular lectures to make sure they understand the material. In addition, the master of public health online program promotes interaction with professors and other students through social media platforms. Some students find that they are less inhibited when interacting with faculty and other students via the Internet instead of in person.2 As you develop solid classroom relationships, you’ll notice that your engagement in the course increases as well. This will help you participate more effectively and enables you to learn from your classmates as well as your teacher. Some online students also cite better understanding because they have fewer classroom distractions.

Increased Exposure to New Perspectives

Students enrolled in a master of public health online are more likely to encounter differing views on global issues. Since students in an online MPH program can participate from anywhere in the world, opinions on discussion topics can be expected to vary based on a number of different cultures and environments. Online students will be able to tap into global knowledge networks. This may help students realize the power of collective intelligence through global networks where information is collected and analyzed. Participation in these networks may enable students to develop cross-cultural understanding while addressing global issues, synthesizing information from multiple cultures and collaborating in global teams to responsibly build on existing knowledge as well as generate new knowledge.

The field of public health is constantly changing in response to the needs of our world. If you want to expand your ability to meet the challenges created by an ever-shifting health care landscape, contact Creighton University to find out more about its online Master of Public Health program. Call (866) 717-6365 to speak to a Program Manager or request more information online.

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