How To Succeed in an Online MPH Program

Applying to an online Master of Public Health (MPH) program is an exciting first step towards a rewarding career improving the health of entire communities. Program acceptance is only the beginning, however. You want to succeed and master the course material. As a student attending Creighton University’s online Master of Public Health program, you will learn how to keep people healthy and safe through such initiatives as vaccination programs, motor vehicle safety laws, family planning, and clean air and water standards. Many students in the online MPH program complete their coursework while juggling a full-time job. This takes organization and advance planning. Here are three tips for succeeding and excelling.

Build Relationships Via Online Technology

A key way to ensure success in an online MPH program is to build relationships with your professor and your classmates. Early on or even before the first course, read the student handbook and take tutorials to learn how to comment and chat online about assignments, reading material and practical applications of the coursework. Deliver your assignments on time so that your professor can help you throughout the process. Participate in class via the online platform whenever you have an opportunity. The more you connect, the better you will learn. Ask your professor for advice, since you may go into a field he or she will know a great deal about. This is your opportunity to make the most of your education.

Manage Your Time and Be Organized

Keeping up with your schoolwork in an online MPH program is also critical to success. Use the tools that you have. Set up an online calendar with reminders of important due dates. You might even want to set up reminders for halfway marks to help keep you on track. Let your family know when you need to study. Establish a study space away from distractions and be protective of your daily study time. There is often more reading and writing work in an online graduate course than in a course on campus; don’t let assignments sneak up on you. You may want to plan out when you’ll get your household chores completed so you don’t have to make choices between shopping for groceries and completing classwork.1 Making conscious decisions about how to use your time wisely will help you maintain a work-study-family balance.

Learn How to Handle Stress

Adding graduate school to an already full schedule can be a recipe for trouble unless you plan for the inevitable stress that comes along with it.2 Some of the best strategies for coping with stress include:

  • Take care of your body: get enough sleep, food and exercise.
  • Tell your professor if the workload feels insurmountable.
  • Inform the people you live with that you will need support and understanding.

Creighton University’s online Master of Public Health degree gives students the latest tools and techniques to make a lasting impact in the public health sector. To find out more about the online MPH program, speak to a Program Manager at 866.717.6365 or request more information online.

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