Q&A with MPH Student Evangeline Green

What led you to pursue an online MPH at Creighton University?

I decided to pursue my MPH after I completed a year of post-graduate volunteer work at a clinic for the homeless in Washington, DC. During that year I began to recognize that I had a desire to learn more about the systems and structures which affect the population. I chose to pursue my MPH degree at Creighton because of its Jesuit background. The Jesuit tradition helps ground the MPH program in a world of reality and interconnectedness to others instead of as a purely academic field. I felt that this was the best fit for my education.

Which concentration did you choose and why? (Health Policy and Ethics or Public Health Services Administration)

I chose to concentrate in Health Policy and Ethics because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the policies which shape our health care field. I also wanted to take the opportunity to gain a conceptual background of the ethical dilemmas which face our society in regards to healthcare.

How were you able to balance your work/life schedule while in the program?

The best way that I was able to balance my work/life responsibilities was by creating a schedule to allow myself to thrive both in the program and at work. I also made sure that when I created my schedule and to-do list that I allowed time to relax. Finding time to relax was crucial. While I always found the course content intriguing, it was also necessary to allow time for my other interests.

Describe your overall experience with the MPH faculty.

The faculty in the program have all been amazing. Even though the program is not a traditional on-campus format, the faculty is still easy to contact and are incredibly willing to work with you and help you. They are all incredibly knowledgeable and want you to thrive in the program. Since I live in Omaha I have also been blessed to be able to set up on-campus meetings with my advisor and have been able to form a strong relationship there that has benefited me as I applied to future programs.

How has the MPH program helped to prepare you for the future?

The MPH program has provided me with a foundational knowledge on which I can build my future career in medicine. I will be matriculating into medical school next year and wish to work with underserved populations. This program has helped me develop the tools necessary to understand the needs of underserved communities, as well as how to address those needs in a manner that is most beneficial to the community.