Top 7 Growth Careers in Public Health

People working in health fields – particularly those with a master’s in public health – are more in need than ever before, with no sign of that demand dropping anytime soon.

Longer lifespans, growing populations and environmental instability are just a few of the varied factors that contribute to today’s complex public health outlook. As challenges arise, advancements in technology and expertise in public health are in high demand. Some of the most in-demand public health careers MPH graduates can pursue include:

  1. Nonprofit Executive Director / CEO: Nonprofit executive directors are responsible for the heads of every department within a nonprofit organization. They must manage the marketing, program development, fundraising and are responsible for everything that goes on in the organization. The median salary of a nonprofit executive director in the U.S. is $120,400, according to a 2014 study by Charity Navigator. (PDF)
  2. Biostatistician: A biostatistician uses math to solve problems related to health. For example, following a contagious outbreak, a biostatistician determines which data should be collected and included in an evaluation of the issue. Such information is then given to state or regional health officials to help them fully understand the problem. The biostatistician also determines the best way to collect the data, and what experiments or surveys will result in the most pertinent data. The median salary for a biostatistician is $80,000 per year with job growth expected to increase 22% by 2022.
  3. Epidemiologist: An epidemiologist investigates the causes of diseases to curtail the spread of the disease and to ensure it does not happen again. Epidemiologists conduct research and report back their findings to health officials and the public. Epidemiologists are employed by county, state and municipal health departments including universities, and laboratories. The median salary of an epidemiologist is $65,300 with employment slated to rise 10% by 2022.
  4. Director of Environmental Health: The person in this role is expected to educate the public, conduct training and regulate environmental practices used by private and public entities that could affect the community’s health. For instance, a director of environmental health would be responsible for ensuring people who work near bodies of water are also taking steps to protect the quality of the water. The median salary of a director of environmental health is $88,600 while job growth is expected to reach a staggering 41% by 2022.
  5. Public Health Officer: Public health officers often work for a particular company or group. They may be enlisted in the military or an employee of a police department and they work to keep the public and colleagues informed about everything from healthy life choices to disease levels in the population. They keep track of health concerns in a population. State governments may also hire public health officers to speak to companies, nonprofits or other organizations on behalf of the government agencies. The median salary is $54,200 and job growth is expected to increase 21% by 2022.
  6. Clinical Research Coordinator / Specialist: Clinical research coordinators works under the direction of a clinical principal investigator, and support and coordinate the activities involved in clinical trials to ensure the results are accurate. A clinical research coordinator also works with the clinical investigator to make certain that federal regulations are followed, people involved in the studies have the materials and tools they need, and to ensure that everyone involved in the project is appropriately trained. The median salary of a clinical research coordinator is $55,800.
  7. Healthcare Analyst: A healthcare analyst is in a management position and responsible for the analysis of research, often associated with a public health problem. The healthcare analyst also collects data and provides information to public health officials. The consultant will also work with various public health officials to find solutions for health problems. The median public health analyst salary is $57,800 with job growth expected to increase for the next 10 years.

Public health is a wide field and the MPH salary range is wide, as a result. Because the average person now lives longer, employment prospects for those in the healthcare field look better than ever. There are a wide variety of prospects in the field – especially for those with advanced training. In order to get on a rewarding and challenging career path, now is a good time to consider earning a Master’s in Public Health degree at Creighton University.

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