Knowledge that Enriches Beyond Your Profession

There are countless ways to advance your health care career—pursuing a graduate degree in health care ethics from Creighton University is one of them. The online graduate programs in Health Care Ethics can give you the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Serve on a medical ethics committee
  • Analyze, research, and develop health policy
  • Make informed decisions when facing ethical dilemmas
  • Educate or advocate on behalf of others

Ideal for those looking to expand their area of competency in ethics or move into an administrative position within their organization, the online graduate Health Care Ethics program at Creighton prepares students to address the moral challenges and ethical questions in health care of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Who are our students?

Students of Creighton’s online MS in Health Care Ethics bring various backgrounds and experiences in the health care industry. Although most students have a background working in health care, Creighton’s graduate Health Care Ethics program is open to anyone who has a baccalaureate or higher degree and is interested in the study of ethics in health care and health care policy. As a student in the online Health Care Ethics program you will the opportunity to interact, engage, and network with fellow students who are:

  • Chaplains
  • Hospice workers
  • Hospital administrators
  • Lab technicians
  • Medical researchers
  • Nurses
  • Pharmaceutical representatives
  • Physicians

Careers in Health Care Ethics

If you are a health care practitioner, this advanced degree can help you become a more respected and well-rounded professional in your field. However, if you are passionate about the ethical dimensions of health care and health policy, this degree can pave the way for a specialized career in medical ethics. Careers in health care ethics can include:

  • Medical journalist
  • Health oversight director
  • Staff bioethicist
  • Health care ethics professor
  • Health care transition coach
  • Humanistic health care provider

Influence ethical outcomes and become a valuable member of the health care community with Creighton University's online graduate programs in Health Care Ethics. Call 866.717.6365 to speak to an Admissions Representative or request more information today.