Creighton University’s Center for Health Policy and Ethics

A lot of colleges and universities offer online graduate degrees and certificates in health care ethics, but few (if any) are as dedicated to the study and advancement of ethics in health care as Creighton University. Unlike other colleges and universities offering advanced studies in health care ethics, Creighton strives to be one of the leading voices in the international medical ethics community. Case in point: The Center for Health Policy and Ethics.

One of the largest centers of its kind globally, Creighton University’s Center for Health Policy and Ethics (CHPE) brings together an interdisciplinary group of Creighton professors, scholars, health practitioners and the brightest thinkers in the realm of health care ethics to create a lively incubator for research, education and service.

The Center’s goal is to explore and respond to current ethical issues in the health care system, both in terms of patient care and in the broader arenas of public health and health policy, in a manner consistent with Creighton’s mission as a Catholic, Jesuit institution. CHPE members hope to shine new scholarly light on these critically important discussions while providing Creighton students with the opportunity to participate in the very debates that will have a great impact on health care, an industry Creighton graduates are expected to lead with compassion and competence.

From monthly roundtable discussions hosted at the main Creighton campus in Omaha, Nebraska to a variety of workshops and conferences attended around the world, CHPE members serve their colleagues and the health care related fields as a whole by providing a constant voice in support of the ethical standards that are so easily displaced in the increasingly aggressive search for cost and service efficiency in the health care marketplace

CHPE faculty members publish on a variety of topics in line with Creighton’s Catholic, Jesuit intellectual traditions. Examples of ethical issues in health care that CHPE faculty members cover include:

  • End-of-life issues
  • Health disparities
  • Health care reform and access
  • Nursing, dental and pharmacy ethics
  • Physicians’ social responsibilities
  • Ethics education
  • Health care leadership
  • Health planning and community health assessment

Two graduate level programs are offered through CHPE—the online Master of Science in Health Care Ethics and the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics. These programs are just an introduction to the many ways CHPE can benefit students before, during and after their tenure at Creighton University. As a Creighton online student, your professional development will be enhanced by this world-renowned center of excellence, and your education will be amplified by the latest research, thinking and analysis of health policy and health ethics.

When you graduate with a degree in Health Care Ethics from Creighton University, you will distance yourself from your peers thanks to the world-class education you received from some of the leading voices in health care ethics. Practitioners and professional ethicists around the world are familiar with the Center for Health Policy and Ethics. As a Creighton graduate, your experience and interaction with CHPE faculty will give you credibility in the field and help you pursue a career in health care ethics if it is your dream to do so.

To learn more about the Center for Health Policy and Ethics at Creighton University or Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics call 866.717.6365 to speak with an admissions representative or request more information.