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What’s it like to be an online student at Creighton? In many ways, it’s much like being a student on campus. You will read course materials, ask questions, and manage your time to complete assignments. However, there are some crucial differences. Watch the video to learn more about the online learning environment and how to use it effectively.

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Online courses at Creighton aren’t one-way; they are designed to incorporate a great deal of interactivity with the subject matter as well as your instructor and classmates. Classes may include audio-visualcomponents such as videos, or you might complete and submit an e-portfolio of your work for comment.

Although the asynchronous format gives you more flexibility with your schedule, courses are just as rigorous as they are in our physical classrooms, and you should be ready to meet the expectations.


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Taking your program online doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. At Creighton, we offer ample support when you need it, starting with a new student orientation to introduce you to the online learning environment. You will have access to a 24x7 help desk for technical issues, a student services coordinator, financial aid advisors, and a career services department. You will even have access to online resources and the librarians at the three Creighton libraries.

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The accomplishments, scholarship, and prominence of the Creighton faculty are a point of pride here at the University. But don’t be intimidated: our faculty members are extremely approachable and are one of the most important and valuable resources available to you. As they guide you through your program and courses, you are encouraged to contact them at any time for help or with questions. Take the opportunity now to learn more about the background and achievements of our distinguished faculty.

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As an online student, you are a member of the Creighton community. Connecting with your classmates through discussion boards, group projects, and residencies can not only deepen your educational experience, it can help you build a professional network that you can call on for years to come.